December 23, 2018

Natural Selection

Survival was tough. Lucy was tougher. Based on true events.

In this conclusion to Lucy’s journey, she and her tribe leave their good home to rescue former-tribemembers captured by the enemy. Lucy’s tribe includes a mix of species–a Canis, a Homotherium, and different iterations of early man. In this book, more join and some  die, but that is the nature of prehistoric life, where survival depends on a combination of our developing intellect and our inexhaustible will to live. Each species brings unique skills to this task. Based on true events.

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Book information:

Title and author: Natural Selection, Book 3 of Dawn of Humanity Trilogy, by Jacqui Murray

ISBN: 978-1-942101-63-5

Release Date: October 2022 by Structured Learning

Genre: Prehistoric fiction

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