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Website Reviews

If you’re the developer of a great educational website, please contact me for a review. If it meets  Ask a Tech Teacher standards (high quality, ease of use, no/low advertising, quality educational value), I’ll list it. More details here.

Please note: I receive a great many requests to review websites. I am more than happy to look at any that serve the tech ed community, help to integrate technology into the classroom and/or make the teacher’s job easier. Here are some guidelines:

  • I will not review a product which I don’t have experience using. I will not endorse it unless I like it.
  • If  you’re interested in offering a guest post or having me write one, please use the contact form below.
  • I do write “blurbs” for books and/or products I like. Please contact me at askatechteacher at gmail dot com.
  • My recommendations are my personal recommendations – not the school’s.

Here’s what to expect:

An honest analysis

Reviews can vary from:

  • a quick overview
  • highlighted in a subject-specific post
  • spotlighted as its own post in one of my well-read newsletters.

Here’s a partial list of website reviews I’ve completed for companies.

Contact me for more information (askatechteacher at gmail dot com)