April 2, 2013

Ten Favorite Words–Part II

I love reading, but I’m particularly drawn to books that use beautiful words. Eliabeth Goerge is one of those authors. I’ll forgive a lot of literay mistakes to learn a new word or two.

I have 468 books on my Goodreads list–only a small portion of what I’ve read. I cover 1-2 books a week, including many for my Amazon Vine gig. Here are ten more of the beautiful words I’ve collected (see the first ten here):

  1. eolian–borne, deposited, eroded by wind. Gives you the sense of timelessness, of Nature’s power.Untitled-1
  2. feral–wild, unchained. A look, a scent, a scense. When you run into something ‘feral’, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.
  3. Heteroscedasticity–different variance in statistics. Doesn’t it sound smart? One word and you’ve convinced you’re readers the character is brilliant.
  4. Hobson’s choice–choice without alternative; thing offered or nothing. This is the resolution to every crisis in writing
  5. neologism: the use or creation of new words or expressions. I use them. Geeks (see ‘Ten Favorite Geek Words) create them. A synonym for ‘fun’.
  6. pablum–dumbed-down language or ideas, i.e., for the ‘masses’. None of the words on this list qualifypablum
  7. philistine–smug or or hostile to artistic and cultural values. The opposite of Renaissance Man
  8. precarious purchase. Doesn’t that sound frightening? Like hanging one-handed from a crumbling cliff?
  9. presbyopia–blindness. Worse than myopia. Applies to sight and ability to see the solutions to problems.
  10. schadenfreude–malicious satisfaction from the misfortunes of others. Use this, most of your readers won’t get it. Maybe that’s the plan…


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