May 4, 2011

Ten Favorite Geek Words–Part I

I write techno-thrillers, so I’m always reading about computers, technology, the Latest Stuff. Here are some of my

favorite Geek Speak words (Computer nerds are so neologistic):

  1. alpha geek–the most technologically savvy dude in the company
  2. amazonned–amazonized, means you’ve lost a chunk of your business to a dot-com.
  3. back hack–when you get hacked, you return the favor
  4. beta baby–child born to a high-tech pro after 1995
  5. code 18–Used by tech support to disguise when they’re calling a technical issue user-caused. They’re so PC
  6. cyberterrorism–terror on a computer
  7. digital jewelry–any hi-tech stuff you wear around your neck–ipods, phones, etc.
  8. edress–an electronic address (IP, IM, email, etc.)
  9. idea hampster–Someone who always has his/her idea generator running
  10. inner geek–the techie deep within each of us

Want more? I’ll be posting Part II, or try NetLingo. You’ll find a clever term for everything techie, to satisfy your inner geek (see above).


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