April 10, 2011

Weekend Website #42: Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Sorry–this one’s gone. Such a loss…


Reposted from Ask a Tech Teacher–Homeschool:

Every Friday I’ll send you a wonderful website that my classes and my parents love. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of your students as they are of mine.

human body

Yucky stuff your body does




Human body


Yuckiest Site on the Internet


Find out all about the human body with Wendell the Worm, Yucky’s Ace Reporter. My students love learning all about the gross and cool stuff humans’ bodies create–burps, snores, gas and more on the Yucky site. It includes:

  • belches
  • gas
  • bad breath
  • snot
  • boogers
  • dandruff
  • zits
  • ear wax
  • eye gunk
  • vomit
  • spit
  • hiccups
  • funny bone
  • stinky pits
  • scabs
  • pus
  • gurgling stomach
  • pee
  • poop

When you click on your selection, it takes you to a colorful page with quick questions, sounds, fun facts, all snappy and short, as elementary age kids like. What kids doesn’t want to learn about these topics? Several grade levels (2nd and 5th, maybe more) have units on the human body and this site is always popular.There’s also a Teachers Center to help on using the site in lesson planning.

One item to watch for. This website is part of Discovery Kids. At the top of the page, it links to games and videos from Discovery. They should be about the human body, but they’re completely off topic. What a waste. So you have to keep an eye that students don’t get distracted.

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