July 15, 2013

You Know You’re a Plebe if…

If you read my post on Plebe Parents, here’s one for your future or current Plebes. These are from the USNA parent networks. Good reading…


You Know You’re a PLEBE When…

  • your favorite word is “YUT!”
  • it is dark when you get up and it is dark when you go to sleep
  • you wake up and discover your bed is on fire and go back to sleep because you just don’t care
  • when sitting in your room you are used to any Plebe just coming in and waiting while a group of upperclassmen walk past
  • you think about how relaxing it would be to be in jail
  • you now can have REM sleep standing up

  • the highlight of your night is getting new mail.
  • you pass time by singing cadences to yourself.
  • for excitement you dare each other to do stupid things at night in the halls.

    22-mile limit for Plebes

    22-mile limit for Plebes

  • the library becomes a four star hotel.
  • you thank God every night around 7:30 for being allowed to walk.
  • your summer break sucked.
  • whenever going from point A to point B you plan an emergency exit strategy.
  • you find yourself screaming bloody murder at 6:50 in the morning.
  • shining shoes and studying menus is a pastime.
  • you’re afraid not to read the newspaper.
  • going to class is a refuge.
  • you have to be in bed by 11pm on Friday night.
  • being allowed to watch TV is an honor.
  • your quality of life rests on the outcome of a football game.
  • you drink no beer.
  • you meet your girlfriend at mandatory dance lessons.
  • going to 7-Eleven to get a Slurpy involves covert operations.
  • your life stops when your computer breaks down.
  • your self-esteem suffers because you notice you’re getting less email.
  • you pray nobody will talk to you.
  • being allowed to call someone by their first name is a privilege.
  • you find yourself hanging out in the midstore a lot.
  • the only time a woman touches you is when Suzy Q cuts your hair in the barber shop.
  • you made more money in high school than you make now.
  • you build up your courage every time you want to leave your room.
  • you’re afraid to go to the bathroom.
  • you can count things you enjoy on one hand.
  • you have more weekends than firsties have victories over Army.


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