June 17, 2013

Going to USNA? Ready for I-Day

I can’t improve on this list, so I’ll just pass it on…

Day 1 as a Plebe--Already squared away

Day 1 as a Plebe–Already squared away


(from the official Parent site--USNA.org)

Get together the following must have items to take on I-Day…
Officially Approved Items:

  • Small, inexpensive Gym bag containing…
  • One Pair (Only) Mostly White Running Shoes – Broken in.
  • Minimum Six Pair Full Length White Crew Socks
  • A two week supply (Minimum) of the following Toiletries…
    • Razor, Blades & Shaving Cream or
      Electric Shaver (may be rechargable &/or Wet/Dry)
    • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Soap, Shampoo
    • Mouthwash



  • A minimum of six plain white cotton panties
  • A minimum of six plain white cotton T-Shirts (Round Neckline)
  • A minimum of six plain white bras
  • A minimum of six plain white sport-support bras
  • A one month supply of sanitary napkins or tampons

Un-officially Recommended Items:

These Items are best delivered in the first and subsequent Care Packages

  • Bleach Pen.
  • Small Package of spring clips that hold on Name tags and tie tacs.
  • A small (3″ x 5″) American Flag for their desk.
  • Several soft cloths to polish shoes, boots and brass.
  • Small Wind Up or battery powered Alarm Clock.
  • Personal Toiletries including a bottle of Aspirin or Tylenol, cough drops, blister pads.
  • Medicated Foot Powder for Athlete’s Foot.
  • Medicated Body Powder for heat rash and chafing.
  • They can’t have enough white crew socks.
  • Disposable lighter and an extension cord.
  • Stamped and addressed envelopes and postcards to make it easier for your Plebe to write home.

Note: Unofficially Recommended Items are NOT on the approved list of things that the Mid can bring on I-Day and may be confiscated if brought to I-Day. If you’d rather not take the chance of them being stored until the end of summer, pack them up and mail them to your Mid via US Mail from the Annapolis Post Office before you leave town on I-Day or immediately upon your arrival back home. Your Plebe will know his/her mailing address at the end of the day.

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