November 8, 2012

Successful USNA Graduates

The Naval Academy is one of the finest educations in the country, if you’re looking for a science background (everyone

Logo of the Naval Academy

Logo of the Naval Academy

gets a BS), a massive work load that must be done in a short amount of time (while holding down a part-time job–yes, you’re paid for the labor), the requirement to incorporate physical with mental calisthenics. The result often is a successful national leader. Specifically:

Who are some of these people?

  • Alan Shepherd, astronaut
  • Jimmy Carter, president
  • Roger Staubach, football
  • Ross Perot, business leader (and presidential candidate)
  • James Stockdale, Medal of Honor recipient and prisoner of war
  • Chester Nimitz, warrior
  • John S. McCain, warrior
  • John McCain, warrior and prisoner of war
  • Oliver North, Vietnam vet

Not too bad of company to keep, huh?

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