June 3, 2011

How Would You Describe a Post-it Note?

Post its? What’s with that, you ask? Let me explain.

post it notes

What new can I say about Post-its?

I am deeply mired in editing duties for my tech texts. I like the changes. I wish I’d made them sooner, but I didn’t have time until my publisher forced the issue. Now that I’m doing it, I’m excited about the program updates, the fresh ideas, the connections I’ve made in my tech classes that weren’t there a year ago.

But I’m distracted. As you know (if you know me), I am also an Amazon Vine Writer. I review four products a month. If I don’t finish them, Amazon doesn’t send new ones. Two each month are books. Those are easy to write because I read a couple of books a week. Since I get to select the books, I pick in my genre, which makes them even faster reads.

Two, though, are non-book items. Once I reviewed Biz detergent. Another time, it was Sudafed. I had the opportunity to review canned Jamba Juice and declined it. I lcouldn’t imagine that fresh, frothy drink stuffed into a metal can.

Now, sitting on my desk is the next product awaiting my creative energy: Post-it Notes. I use them voraciously, never think twice about their multi-colors, their stick-to-anything quality, the fact they were invented by accident. The problem is, I have to review them before I get my next book to review and I need my thriller fix.

What do I say about Post-it notes? I have no personal stories or anecdotal experiences. Hotter than the sun, cooler than the flip side of my pillow. No–that’s already been used. Works as well as rain on a handsome man in a white tee shirt the Energizer Bunny?

Any ideas? I hope someone comes up with a stroke of brilliance.

While I wait, I’ll edit Lesson Plan #104: Internet Tools for the Connected Classroom.