August 11, 2014

My Summer with David Rosenfelt

love dogsI discovered David Rosenfelt, creator of defense attorney Andy Carpenter, love-of-his-life Laurie, supremely persuasive investigator Marcus Clarke, and best-dog-in-the-world Tara (though she’s actually the second-best dog in the world–Rosenfelt hasn’t met my dog) through my Amazon Vine reading. I’d just finished Robert Crais Suspect, about a military dog named Maggie with PTSD who’s handler is killed in Afghanistan. It’s a wrenching story of how this one-man dog, bred to defend her pack, survives her failure and creates a new life. At times, we see man’s world through Maggie’s loyal, unselfish, focused eyes. I wanted more of Maggie, but Crais hasn’t cooperated. When Tara’s story arrived in my email box, I grabbed it.

I read Hounded and bought the other ten. Carpenter is clever, humorous, smart, human (he’s afraid of everything so brings his ex-cop girlfriend for protection). His characters, while typical for a defense attorney story, are uniquely-constructed with traits that are appealing and fascinating (for example, Marcus barely talks, communicates what he must with ‘Yunh’ and ‘Nunh’. Don’t expect long-winded explanations from him).

The plots don’t always revolve around dogs, but they always include Andy’s life with Tara. She’s his confidant–he hashes out cases with her while they take walks. Long walks–an hour or more. He feels she’s a good listener which inspires him to unlock mysteries.

Now, I’ve finished all of Rosenfelt’s books. Still, Crais hasn’t published a Maggie sequel. I’m flailing. Anyone know of a good dog-as-main-character book I can read?

By the way, if you’d like more information on Rosenfelt’s books, here’s a link to Tara Foundation (named for his book’s dog character) and an interview on Talking Dog.

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