June 18, 2012

Now Available: 98 Tech Problems From the Classroom: and How Students Can Solve Them

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98 computer problems every teacher needs to know how to solve

Available now:

98 Tech Problems from the Classroom:

and How Students Can Solve Them

What’s in this book?

Running a tech lab can be frightening. What if there’s a problem you don’t know how to answer? What if the computers break? What if they all break at once?

Several years ago, in an effort to create a practical strategy for technology success, I started tracking how often I got the same tech questions from students. Soon, I extended it to parents who, in a well-intentioned effort to help with school work, often got stuck on a techie issue. Some spent hours on a problem that could have been solved in minutes–if only they knew how to do that.

Turns out, 70% of the time, it was the same 98 problems.

I’m going to share these with you. You’ll find them inquiry-driven and student-centered, authentic solutions to organic conversations. If you’re a new tech teacher, make sure you know them because you’ll be asked for these answers over and over—in fact, you’ll be expected to know them. After all, you’re the tech expert.

Whoever you are, you’ll want to teach your students these practical strategies for fixing their biggest show stoppers.

Who needs this book?

If you’re a veteran teacher integrating technology into units of inquiry and/or Common Core State Standards, these tips will be invaluable. You are usually on your own in the classroom, without tech experts to assist. Keep this ebook handy and you’ll have more time to devote to classroom projects.

When will it be shipped?

Digital delivery within 24 hours via email

What’s it cost?

$9.99 plus p&h. That’s ten cents a tip! And you’ll use these tricks all year long. What a value!

Can I get it for free?

Yes! There are two ways:

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Jacqui Murray is the editor of a technology curriculum for K-sixth grade, creator of two technology training books for middle school and three ebooks on technology in education. She is the author of Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. She is webmaster for six blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a columnist for Examiner.com, Editorial Review Board member for Journal for Computing Teachers, Cisco guest blog, IMS tech expert, and a bi-weekly contributor to Write Anything. Currently, she’s editing a thriller for her agent that should be out to publishers this summer. Contact Jacqui at her writing office or her tech lab, Ask a Tech Teacher.

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